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Name Address Directions Category Photo
Alcatraz Jail Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, CA take the ferry Historical Alcartaz3
Vivian's house 8058 Camino Huerta, San Diego, CA Directions Abandoned
Lake Hodges Dam 9151 Del Dios Rd Escondido, CA 92029 United States The best way to get into the dam is to park on the side of Del Dios by where the hiking trail starts. You will walk down the trail a little bit and then you will see a gate on the left hand side. You can hop it or just go around the gate and then you will make your decent down the to the dam. There is a security.gaurd on the very top of the dam but he usually doesn't mind. Scenic Img 1951
Carrizo Gorge Railyard Railroad St. Jacumba Hot Springs, CA It is very simple to find if you go by the address. Abandoned Picfxfile
Abandoned building off old highway 80 Cleveland National Forest 30701 Old Highway 80 Campo, CA 91906 United States There is no actual address for this location. If you go by the address it is just a little bit down the road from that address. Abandoned Img 1938
Camp Learn 1550 market St. San Diego, CA corner of 15th and market Miscellaneous 1476821303345462015286